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Psychologist Session

Individual Therapy

For a 60 minute session: 

$250 CAD, $200 USD

For DBT clients, phone coaching is included in this fee.

Friendly Conversation


For 60 minute session:

$250 CAD, $200 USD (PhD supervised practice candidate)

For other educational background rates, please inquire

This includes my review of your notes, video/audio recording, any paperwork

Filling out a form


For 60 minute session:

$250 CAD, $200 USD

For each 60 minutes of report writing:

$250 CAD, $200 USD



  • I will invoice you directly following your session. You must pay your invoice before our next scheduled session in order for us to have that next session.



Without insurance or pay and then get reimbursed by your insurance company:

  • Ontario: I accept payment via etransfer to

  • North Carolina and Vermont: I accept credit card payment via Ivy Pay.

With insurance:

  • North Carolina and Vermont: I do not take insurance and am out of network.

  • Ontario: Some insurance companies allow psychologists to bill them directly. This means that you would not pay me, but rather I would get paid directly through your insurance company. If your insurance company allows me to do this, I will submit the necessary paperwork.

  • Ontario: I currently do direct billing with the following insurance: companies associated with Telus Health eClaims (Click here to see more participating insurance companies.), Medavie Blue Cross (for Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and residents of Ontario with Medavie Blue Cross coverage).  

  • Ontario: I am approved with Manulife and Sun Life, but they do not allow psychologists to do direct billing. This means that you would pay me directly prior to your next session, and then you would submit your payment invoice and receipt to the insurance company and they would reimburse you. 

  • Ontario: If you have an insurance company and don't see it listed here, please reach out to me to see if I can accept that insurance.

  • Ontario: I am not taking new clients through WSIB.

Cancellations - life happens, and there are limits:


For people who are not yet clients:

  • You may reschedule your 15 minute free initial call two times.

  • You may reschedule your intake session 1 time. If you have to cancel your rescheduled intake session, though there will not be a charge, I will only reschedule again in rare circumstances.

For people who are current clients:

  • You may cancel within 24 hours of your session start time 1 time each year free of charge. After that, if you cancel within 24 hours before your session start time, I will charge you the full session fee.

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